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Spassky - Fischer 1972 WCH Game 11 (B97)

Spassky - Fischer 1972 WCH Game 11 (B97)

Dec 31, 2012, 9:50 PM 0

In Game 7 Fischer played his dangerous pet line the "Poisoned Pawn" variation of the Sicilian Defense Najdorf Variation, and drew the game in 49 moves. In this game he recklessly plays the same line, apparently oblivious to the possibility that Spassky might have come up with an improvement. What was he thinking?

Halldoor Petursson (1911 - 1976) was a famous Icelandic caricature artist who drew 18 cartoons of the match for a local newspaper. To see all of them correctly (they get "abridged" by chess.com, too many pixels I guess)  go to


Unseen in this one to Bobby's left UK businessman Jim Slater (smiling) who doubled the original purse with an additional 125,000 pounds in British currency, which is apparently the contents of Fischer's sack of "principles" Icelands GM Olaffson and 2 other men are also unseen below Slater, but FIDE President (and former World Champion) Max Euwe (wearing glasses) can be seen over Bobby's head while Chief Arbiter GM Schmid (wearing sunglasses) stands between Bobby and Boris, Chester Fox (he bought the TV rights to the match) can be seen over Spassky's head while Spassky's second GM Geller is seen propping up the champions castle, while GM Krogius (unseen, far right) looks on with crossed arms.

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