Spassky - Fischer 1972 WCH Game 9  (D41)

Spassky - Fischer 1972 WCH Game 9 (D41)

Dec 31, 2012, 5:59 AM |

Collating remarks and analysis on one game from different sources results in some fascinating differences of opinions, even this short game has several to ponder. This is why I deliberately did not weed out some comments that directly contradict each other in order to show the differences of opinions present among several different GMs - in this case including Larry Evans,Gligoric, Kotov,Polugaevsky, Stein and Tal - along with several other Soviet masters

As far as the opening theory goes keep in mind that 2 of my sources were published in 1973 and the Gligoric/Wade book in 1972. However,  this game and the notes are a good background for beginning to learn the Semi-Tarrasch Defense "open" variation (6.e4 as opposed to 6.e3 which tends to keep the game closed - at least compared to 6.e4)

Halldor Petursson (1916-1977) was one of Iceland's most famous caricature artists. He did 18 wonderful cartoons on the 1972 WCH for a newspaper in Iceland. You can see all of them at