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C39 Spassky slam dunks Fischer

C39 Spassky slam dunks Fischer

Nov 7, 2012, 6:56 AM 7

"A game of great historical interest as it was the first meeting between two future world champions. Looked at from the standpoint of quality, however, the evaluation is quite disappointing. Apparently both players were quite nervous, with resulting poor play." GM Mednis

FUN FACTS: Prior to their World Championship match in 1972 Fischer never beat Spassky, who was +3 -0 =2 vs Bobby. Both GMs (pictured in a stamp from their 1972 WCC) and David Bronstein, who drew Botvinnik in the 1951 World Chess CH (WCC) are among a handful of world-class GMs who have essayed the KG in serious games from time to time.

The top board contains the game score with no notes, in case anyone wants to play through it before seeing the analysis. The bottom board has the fully annotated game.


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