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C56 Two Kts Are Enough

C56 Two Kts Are Enough

Jun 22, 2011, 3:08 AM 0

Pictured here is Dr Max Euwe, the World Chess Champion from 1935 - 1937 and winner of this game. He later became the President of FIDE from 1970 - 1978 and is considered to be the only "amateur" world chess champion because he was not only a chessplayer but a full-time university professor of mathematics. 

  • "Strategy requires thought; tactics requires observation." — Max Euwe
  • "Does the general public, do even our friends the critics realize that Euwe virtually never made an unsound combination? He may, of course, occasionally fail to take account of an opponent's combination, but when he has the initiative in a tactical operation his calculation is impeccable." — Alexander Alekhine
  • "If Richard Reti was interested only in the exceptions to positional rules, then Max Euwe believed perhaps a little too much in their immutability." — Alexander Alekhine
  • "He is logic personified, a genius of law and order. One would hardly call him an attacking player, yet he strides confidently into some extraordinarily complex variations." — Hans Kmoch
  • "Euwe can only breathe freely when he is smothered in work." — Hans Kmoch
  • "Euwe resting would not be Euwe. His star is work, work, and more work. Work is his entertainment, his strength and his destiny." — Hans Kmoch
  • "There's something wrong with that man. He's too normal." — Bobby Fischer
  • Quotes are from  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euwe

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