When Champions Collide Part 2 (E30 NID)

Maybe this game should be more accurately titled "When ex-champions collide" but I prefer respecting all ex-(chess)champions by leaving out the "ex" because the title is so rare and no one has ever had his (or hers) world champion title revoked - unlike Lance Armstrong for instance

Tal is pictured here as befits the winner of this game!

This was Spassky's first tournament since losing his title in 1972 to Fischer, and one of Tal's great comeback years along with 1979 according to his friend GM Sosonko. For more on these great GMs see



My blogs on the Fischer-Spassky 1972 WCH - and lots of other  sources here at chess.com and elsewhere online which you can find by just typing their names into a search engine


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    Mikhail Tal also annotated the game for Life and Games. I have added some of his notes to your PGN.

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