Chess Quiz 5 | What's Your Score?
Questions from The Chessophile Show

Chess Quiz 5 | What's Your Score?

FM NiranjanNavalgund

A week back, I released the fifth  episode of The Chessophile show featuring FM Ankit Gajwa and CM Pratik Patil 

I posed them some questions during the show. Now, I pose the same questions to all of you!
I am curious to know how many of the questions you get right. 

The next two questions proved to be slightly difficult for the guests. With help from GM Vishnu Prasanna, they were able to pass the test!

If you got it already, that's AMAZING! If you were not able to get this one, here's another clue:

Now, on to the next one...

Another clue: 

Now, let's go to chess puzzles: 

You can find the answers to these questions in the fifth episode of The Chessophile Show. The guests also did two rounds of Puzzle Rush:

I hope you had some fun attempting these chess questions! I would like to know one thing : What's your score?

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Thanks a lot.