How To Play Against Beth Harmon?
Niranjan vs Beth Harmon Bot

How To Play Against Beth Harmon?

FM NiranjanNavalgund

Hello friends!
Last week, I played 8 games against the Beth Harmon Bots and scored 7-1. I defeated all the bots and that made me very happy - especially the king and pawn endgame.  In this article, I'll share the tips and strategies I used to combat Beth Harmon bot. Hope you find them useful!

Niranjan vs Beth (Age 9 )

  • Develop pieces quickly.
  • Create consistent threats and you are likely to win a lot of material in the beginning
  • Pay attention to simple threats of your opponent

    I followed these simple strategies to win the first game:

    Niranjan vs Beth (Age 10) Don't miss the mate with 3 ROOKS!
  • Play a solid opening and expect your opponent to play decent moves in the opening. Beth at 10 has a sound knowledge of the basic opening moves.
  • Take advantage of the committal moves, especially loose pawn moves. 
  • Be ready to play a long game, very likely that the game may go up to the very end.

    Niranjan vs Beth (Age 15)
  • Playing an aggressive line may help you in gaining an advantage in the opening
  • You may get an opportunity to stall the opponent's king in the centre. Be proactive and spot the gains in the early stage of the game. 
  • Patterns of your opponent: Moving queen early, failing to castle, moving same piece again and again

    Niranjan vs Beth (Age 17) I promoted my pawns to a ROOK, KNIGHT, BISHOP, and a QUEEN. Later, I arranged them in order too. That was fun

  • Beth at 17 has an aggressive style. Sacrificial moves, desperados are expected. 
  • Pay attention to tactical ideas of your opponent. Don't be scared by the sacrifices, patiently focus on threats one at a time and parry them.
  • Playing a positional opening could be annoying for your opponent who prefers attack and complications. Don't refrain from entering complicated lines, calculate well. 

    Niranjan vs Beth (Age 20)

    This is the only bot I lost to! So, please check the fascinating game in the stream. I forgot to download the PGN during the stream. Such was an effect of that loss. Must watch!

    The viewers suggested that I do a rematch and I did. Look what happened next:

  • Play a sound opening, develop pieces, connect rooks.
  • Take advantage of the opponent's passively placed piece(s)
  • Accumulate small advantages and transform them. 
  • Erratic pawn breaks can be punished through a good understanding of weaknesses. 
  • Beth at Age 20 has an inclination to play for compensation, so expect a pawn sacrifice again!

    Niranjan vs Beth (Age 22) - The Toughest Beth Harmon BOT 


                                                                    WHITE TO PLAY!

  • Expect your opponent to play the best move.
  • Play an opening that brings you more chances to go into an endgame. Endgame is a territory in which you can get more chances against Beth 2700
  • Your opponent will probably try to complicate matters, sacrifice a pawn. Accept the gambit / sacrifice but don't hold on to it at the cost of spoiling your position. 
  • Be patient and be ready to outplay your opponent with some long calculations!

You can watch the entire stream here:

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