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Cracking the Barrier

Cracking the Barrier

Feb 15, 2009, 12:13 AM 0

Cracking The Barrier


I had mentioned before that I would introduce a concept I’d been working on involving a couple colorful strategies (Paladin and Anti-Paladin) using the Knight.  I decided to put that idea on hold, since my progress hasn’t been as good as I would have liked.  I often feel like I should be playing at a slightly higher level (1500) than what I’m at right now, but I just can’t seem to cross that hurdle.  After losing terribly in about a dozen games (some of which I think I could have won), I decided to hit the books again in search of ways to improve my game…


It didn’t take me long to discover, via Chessmaster 8000, the concepts of pawn chains and open files, which I thought I had understood up until this point, but which the software explained in ways that I hadn’t fully realized.  I sure that most beginners, like me, feel like they have a good grasp of the concepts involved in planning attacks along open files and setting up their pawn structure, but I’m also sure that given the opportunity to examine their game, by playing against really good players, most of what we think we know can be put to the test – often in ways we don’t feel too good about.


Case in point was this game against a very good player, who I won’t identify, but if you really wanted to snoop through my games, you could figure out which one it was.






























So there you have it.  After a game like that, it was no wonder I needed answers and help...


The next time I talk to you, I am hoping that the studying has paid off and I'll be able to post something along the lines of "Notes at 1500".  But until then, I wish you good luck and...   take control of those files!


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