KNSB- STEP 1: Mating with the Queen

KNSB- STEP 1: Mating with the Queen


KLA Chess Club (Keiller Leadership Academy), is a Title I, K-8 Charter School located in southeast San Diego. Chess class has been implemented as an everyday, in school class for middle school students.

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The following lesson is taken from the Dutch KNSB training series by Rob Brunia and Cor van Wijgerden 

Mating with the Queen requires help.

Notice below how the Queen delivers the final blow, but is protected by the King.
Practice delivering mate below:
Sometimes, the King does not need to directly protect the Queen, but assists with the mate.
The key to a successful mate is forcing the enemy King into a corner:
If a King is not already in a corner, force him there with the King/Queen:
Now, Practice taking turns with a partner and putting each other into mate:

Homework: Mate/Mate in one with the Queen:A