STEP 2: Ch.1- Activity

STEP 2: Ch.1- Activity

Mar 4, 2014, 2:41 PM |

KLA Chess Club is a part of Keiller Leadership Academy of southeast San Diego, a Title 1 Charter school. Chess is offered as an everyday class for students.

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The following lesson is taken from the KNSB Dutch Training System by Brunia/Wijgerden.


Goals for the lesson:

* Learning how to use the pieces to their best ability

* Realizing the importance of the center


How many squares can the Knight reach from each position?

Where is the better position for the Knight?
How many squares can each bishop move to?
Which of the above is the best placement for the bishop?
The attacker is usually the winner. By putting pieces on squares that can lead to attacks, a player can increase his chances of winning.
Above, white's bishop and knight control many squares, while Black's bishop is limited to only 3 safe squares.
Above, no matter what square the black knight moves to, he is doomed by the bishop. Being on the side of the board limits the knight.

Above, because of white being limited, the bishop is under the control of black's knight.
Below, a key piece is blocked from being active in the game. How can white get this piece actively involved?
Below, both white and black have pieces that are blocked from being active in the game. What can each side do to develop their pieces?