STEP 2.3: Double Attack (2)

STEP 2.3: Double Attack (2)

Apr 14, 2014, 9:25 AM |
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The following lesson is taken from the KNSB Dutch Training System by Brunia/Wijgerden.

Goals of the Lesson:

*Learning to recognize targets

*Using the Queen as an attacking piece


When making a double attack, you must be aware of how your opponent can defend: Sometimes your opponent can not only defend both pieces, but attack you instead.

Below: The white queen has a chance for a double attack. 2 Squares look appealing, but only 1 is successful:


Solve the puzzle below; The White queen can seemingly have a double attack on the King/Rook, but only 1 square will be successful:

Below: Where could you put a white Queen to make a successful double attack?
Answer: Qa4+ or Qa6+
Things to consider in a double attack:
Below: Find the correct double attack:
Below, black cannot defend the rook or the white queen will give mate.
What is the best move for the black queen below?
It is important to not only search for pieces to attack, but looking for key squares as well. Below, the White Queen attacks a square to threaten mate and attack the rook.
Search for a key square for the Queen below:
Find the key square for the black Queen:

Again, find the key square for the White Queen below:
Search Strategy:
1. Can the queen give check?
2. Which pieces are unprotected?
3. On which square can you give mate?
4. Which pieces are not protected sufficiently?
Homework: Double Attack/Queen:C, Double Attack/Setting up a Double Attack: B, Double Attack: B