STEP 3-6: Eliminating the Defence

STEP 3-6: Eliminating the Defence

Mar 19, 2014, 9:41 AM |
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The following lesson is taken from the KNSB Dutch Training System by Brunia/Wijgerden.

Goal of the Lesson: Learning attacking skills

Below, white can exchange rooks, which eliminates the defending rook on d8.

Below, the e3 knight is defending against mate on f1.  Black can eliminate the defender. A sacrafice is made for the greater good.
Sometimes, a forced move is not made, but will result in lost material for the defender:
How can black eliminate the defence here? Will a sacrafice be profitable?
Another way to eliminate the defence is by "luring" the defence away:
Be aware and look for lures and traps played against you. Below, how can black lure white into taking a piece?
Below, black has a chance at delivering mate on the 1st rank. How can black lure white away white's defending piece?
Below, how can white lure away a rook?
Another strategy is to chase a defending piece out of the way:
Search Strategy:
1. Which pieces play an important defensive role?
2. Find a mating pattern
3. Eliminate the defender by capturing, luring and chasing