STEP 3: Ch.4- Mate through Access

STEP 3: Ch.4- Mate through Access

Mar 4, 2014, 9:24 AM |

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The following lesson is taken from the KNSB Dutch Training System by Brunia/Wijgerden.

Goals:Improving Skill to finish the game

Concepts: Access, pawn shield, opening

Below, white has easy acces to the King with a check on the B-file. The black King's poor position gives access for white.

Below, the White King seems to be pretty well protected. How can white gain access to the enemy King?
- White can pretty well defend this position to prevent the enemy from having access.
A plan is needed for force an opening, creating a hole, to have access to the King: Sometimes giving up a piece is worth it to win the game.
Below, white can crash through the barrier to force an opening.
Another example of giving up a piece to breakdown the defensive barrier to force an opening.
Sometimes, an ordinary exchange to weaken the defense helps create an opening.
"Luring" instead of capturing will draw the defense away and create an opening.
Can you find out how black can lure white out of the way to gain access to the King?
Below, check is not given, but the position gives white no other option.
Below, white can give black no other options one way or another:
Access by doule-check:
Search Strategy:
1. Make the King the Taret
2 Find a mating pattern.
3. Break open the position of the King by creating a hole in the defense.