Tactics Practice

Tactics Practice

Nov 29, 2013, 4:16 PM |

This post is a lesson for students of KLA Chess Club. Keiller Leadership Academy is a K-8 Charter school located in southeast San Diego, CA. Chess is offered as an everyday, in-school class for students.


Combinations: Tactical patterns that allow a player to gain material or a favorable position.

This lesson will help sharpen your tactical combinations against the uncastled King. Hopefully this lesson will not only allow you to see combinations to attack against a player who has yet to castle, but to see the importance of castling yourself! Embarassed


Each student should have his/her own set and board.

1. Move the pieces along with the opening below.

2. Guess how White can take advantage of Black's lack of development on the 5th move.

Hint: Without sacrafice, there is no gain!

Now, see if you can figure out the sequence of moves that White makes to take advantage of Black's poor 4th move of Bg4? Use your board and pieces to analyze.

Note: The above exercise is only intended to stress the importance of development. Black is the example of how NOT to develop. BE CAREFUL when using this combination as it only works when black uses an opening like the one above. As you can see, White sacrifices its Queen, so you better be sure before you pull this one out of your hat.