Winter Packet- Completing the Opening: PART II

Dec 15, 2013, 3:54 PM |

The below lesson is for students of KLA Chess Club

KLA Chess Club (Keiller Leadership Academy), is a Title I, K-8 Charter School located in southeast San Diego. Chess class has been implemented as an everyday, in school class for middle school students.

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*Students, use your board/pieces to go through the following exercises and record your answers on your answer sheet to turn in.


Exchanging Developed Pieces

* What often happens after development is exchanging pieces off, to make the game simpler (less pieces on the board is simpler, right???)

Well, if you've taken the time do develop a piece, do you really want to trade it off? You'll be left with no developed pieces if you trade them all awayf! Yell Look at the following example:

Example 1.

Question 1: What was wrong with White's decision for Nxf6+ and trade away all its pieces?
Answer: White is left with no developed pieces, while Black just needs to castle and then can attack!
Bottom line: White should have developed fully before exchanging or attacking.
Example 2:

The following below is a common exchange: Be sure to play this out on your chess sets, rather than just clicking through on the computer. 

Question 2: Ok, so who has the advantage here???

Answer: BLACK!

Why? The material each side has is even, but White wasted a lot of time by focusing on just two of its pieces (Bishop and Knight), while Black is much more developed. It isn't the end of the world for White, but Black is better here!