Winter Packet- Completing the Opening: Part III


The below lesson is for students of KLA Chess Club

KLA Chess Club (Keiller Leadership Academy), is a Title I, K-8 Charter School located in southeast San Diego. Chess class has been implemented as an everyday, in school class for middle school students.

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*Students, use your board/pieces to go through the following exercises and record your answers on your answer sheet to turn in.

Premature Check

*Just because you have an opportunity to give a check, doesn't mean you should.

Here is a common situation:

Question: What was wrong with White's development?

Answer: A wasted move results in a "loss of tempo". Black is developing, while White has to move its Bishop twice.


The following example shows that time is very important.

Puzzle 1- Note: Keep in mind that White is in check by the black Bishop on b4.

Question: Why is it not always a good idea to give a check whenever you see it in the opening?

Answer: It wastes TIME and loses the TEMPO.


Inviting Attack on a Developed Piece:

Developing the minor pieces is important, but can be attacked. That is why it is usually a better idea to establish a strong central presence with the pawns first.

Consider the following example:

Puzzle 2:

Question: What was wrong with Black's development?
Answer: Black let White march his pawn to attack a developed piece.