International Chess League, A developing chess group story

Sep 14, 2013, 4:26 PM |

Hey guys it`s me Norb68, bringing you my mini-story of managing a group on (If you would like to join the link will be at the end of the story). As I became premium one of the first things I did was create my team, I went through MANY names and decriptions trying to get them perfected. While doing this I, as many other groups on NEEDED players, so i started inviting 30 players a day. This was tough, getting only about 2 members a day, so I as other people might have done was develop techniques to get more people to join. These techniques included, Inviting people that were only online, Using the ``View players`` link in live chess to get a range of players, good or bad with a range of chess-modes such as Blitz, Bullet, Online ect this increased the rate of members joining to about 5 members a day. When My team hit about 80 members I started doing Team matches and Vote chess matches, then I encountered yet ANOTHER problem that many of you Group Managers have faced, Not getting enough people to join team matches and vote chess matches. So I started posting news storys to help get peple to join, which worked as a stalling effect while my team had 110-ish members so it could start sustaining itself. Also to this day managing my Group I will not do Vote Chess matches until I get to about 200 members since Vote chess needs more members to sustain itself with-out advertising the match to help get members. Today, as I type this mini-story the last standing problem is STILL trying to get people to join my group (One of the reasons I decided to type this Blog entry :P). But don`t worry as a group gets more members it will start sustaining itself in this aspect too, as more people see the group and more people would like to join, which will also end ANY other problems yoy may have. If you have read all this I hope you have enjoyed it, and to all People trying to manage a starting group with no more than 125 members I will post a Guide named: Managing Groups With no more than 125 members: Tips And Tricks.


International Chess League (The group I manage, and the group in this mini-story) Link: