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Just one bad move can sink you

Apr 18, 2011, 6:12 PM 0

Well I was here for another round of games and I got beat pretty good a couple of times and got a couple of wins. My last game however was very interesting. It played out very unusual, at least I thought so anyway. It started with me allowing him/her some deep penetration of the castled Kings side and then i put a stop to it. It played out like suicide. When the fireworks were over we both had both our rooks and he/she had all their pawns and I had seven of mine. I started taking out his/her pawns and was doing well, but then it happened, I misplayed a rook and I let it slip away. Now I won the game in the end on time but ... well thank God for the clock, which usually is not my friend. LOL.  

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