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The French of the Month (10) - Meinhardt-Lenderman, Advance Variation

The French of the Month (10) - Meinhardt-Lenderman, Advance Variation

Nov 3, 2015, 10:43 AM 0

Millionaire Chess in Las Vegas has been one of the big events in the year. Mostly due to the final play-off format, Hikaru Nakamura was the clear favourite and he emerged first in the end. His could also have been the game of this... let's say month (For you new visitor, it was "The French of the week" up to now Laughing). His win with Black against Andrey Stukopin in the McCutcheon is interesting and you are advised to have a look at it. But the McCutcheon was featured in The French of the Week #8 and I was looking for something different.

GM Alex Lenderman is also a regular French player, finished 4th at the same Millionaire Chess and won two games (losing one) in our favourite opening. This is his nice victory against German IM Maximilian Meinhardt. Related games, download link and the video in Spanish below the viewer. Enjoy it!

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