Total Domination

Jan 11, 2010, 9:15 AM |

I recently play a pick up game that sent me back to the drawing board! The opponent was about 400 pts below my rating & I thought I had an easy win. Needless to say you should NEVER underestimate your opponent. I also don't play many people I don't know outside of an occasional live chess game on my day off. This game made me look like a rookie. I just play for fun, but in my 2 years I would like to think that I learned something! I figured that some of you guys could help me see how I could have played this position a little differently. I see now that after move 7. b4, it was all down hill! I surely won't make that move EVER again, but maybe it was something there that I didn't see even in that position. After his move 7 ...a5 everything I saw was going to lose a peice.



I normally play pretty well against the french. Maybe the other opponents aren't as versed with it as this player is. I really think that I got flustered after I made a bad move & dropped a peice or 2. That doesn't normally bother me & I usually play to the end unless there is NO WAY in the world that I will win. I have realized in time that I can steal games from guys who are not skilled in the "end game". Well this is my first blog. Forgive me if it sucks. LOL! Gotta get my feet wet somehow. Please feel free to comment. I would like to take my game to the next level...