Concert Time Deux

Feb 18, 2008, 8:21 AM |

The music is pulsing through my body..the crowd is told to jump when they say jump..Drum beat intensifies..ok ok let me start at the beginning.

I arrive in London about 2:30 ..I immediatley went to a Starbucks, i could use a little jolt i suppose. I order a nice Chocolate Java Frappachino and sat for about 45 minutes on a plush reclined chair while watching others debate on their favorite frothy mix. I stopped by a store to look at some flat screen HD tvs ( not that i can afford one yet) but its nice to look at them!

By the time i left BestBuy.. i realized i was running late to make it to the computer store to buy my new computer. I get there at 5:01pm Cry

I was though able to have a store employee come to the fdoor and ask if they still have Computer079 for SuchandSuch ..of course after rebate, and i get a nasal..."No, we are sold out". So blah seem they get more in coming up this friday.Yell

So i feel abit hungry and decided befor the concert that bite of food couldn't hurt me. So i went to Kelsey's Steakhouse. Ordered Chicken Balsamic and stuff. Surprised

I made it to the Concert line at 7:30. I had balcony seating which put me above the stage and about 30 feet from the  bands. SummerSide was the first band and played 3 songs..than State of Shock played like 5 songs..Than Hedley came was incredible..just non stop running around and crazy crowd interaction. The last 2 songs was from their recent debut album.

So in the end i didn't get my "First Official Concert" T-shirt since the line for autographs and t-shirt vendor was atleast 2-3 hours long, but i do have my ticket stub and memories. Well worth the time getting out and doing something.

And yea on the ticket stub said no camera's or recording i didnt take my digital camera..turns out 2/3 people had phones camera's through the entire blah on me. no pictures Cry