Not another chess blog...


So here i sit cozy and awake..though it's only 7 am for goodness sake! Yell

I read and reread my matches with a friend..forever looking for a quicker end.

At times you want to let them for once they can wear your silly grin. Laughing

But pride and competitiveness always gets in the way..saving your own defeat for another day.

Day by day..move by move, he gets better..more into the groove.

I cheer him on with with claps and shouts..hopefully to ease any nagging doubts.

One moment my King is snug..but i get this suspicious little mind tug.

He attacks with ruthless defense has abandoned me!

I hide and pray hoping he don't see the board my way.

Move by move..piece by piece. I lose my foot hold like something greased.

My king is trembling my rooks on the run. My pawn is dumbfounded my Queen is done.

Comes after my King like he is shark bait..No choice..CHECKMATE! Surprised