Just thinking to myself.

Dec 27, 2012, 7:13 AM |

I really dont know what it is or why it's even happening, I always try to focus on but it just doesnt work out sometime and what's the wierdest thing is that i tend to lose against lower rated players and win against higher, much higher. 

here are example of my latest games that i have had.

Nusons (1164)  jaschalenkiewicz (1347) won

vishy1234 (1228) Nusons (1164) won

 JhameelPabalate (1212) Nusons (1164) won

 slider4 (1388)!!! Nusons (1181) won

Nusons (1181)  mjamalfi (1348) !! won

 TopcicSenad (1293) Nusons (1173)  won

 TopcicSenad (1293) Nusons (1173) won

 sryshundy (1136) Nusons (1164) lost

angryeagle (1117) Nusons (1164) lost

 unforgettablefire(1076)!!! Nusons (1164) lost


I know it's not related much to chess itself but would anyone have any idea why it is so? Because I can't get my head around it. 

P.S. All games are from my recent game archive and they all are played within 3 days.