gas prices WTF??????????

Feb 12, 2008, 8:17 AM |

Why are they raising gas prices again? They say that there is a shortage of CRUDE. They also say that there is a shortage of a chemical called "ALKYLYTE"??? And yet in the middle of a recession Exxon mobile posted world record profits of 40.7 BILLION dollars........BILLION...........PROFIT....... thats after taxes, operating expenses, research and development. When is America going to wake up. I am boycotting Exxon mobile and all of their affiliates. If nobody buys their product even if it is just for one day they will be forced to drop their prices and stop raping us americans. I would rather spend two or five more cents on the gallon to buy gas from another company even if their profits are sent to some other country, then to have  some fat pig taking our hard working dollars and give it to the lobbyists in washington to propoe a bill to raise taxes AGAIN  on a gallon of gas...   Whats that? We had a hurricane? oh gotta raise gas prices... Oh its a holiday oh we definatley have to raise gas prices.... Oh its raining oh you guessed it. raise gas prices. oh its tuesday what should we do???? hmmmmm oh I know.....

I feel that this FLEECING of America MUST stop.... please submit your input and how you feel about it.