Jesuit Chess Club & Silman


It is coming together. I am the moderator of the Jesuit High School Chess Club (photos pending) and things are going very well. RJ (CoachRJ317) is teaching our boys the essentials of the Game of Kings and we have a tornament at DeLaSalle in December.

My hopes is to also make our club virtual and I plan on creating a group here for our players. As soon as I think of a cool title for our group, it will appear. Any suggestions? Blue Bishops?, Blue Jay Bishops? Jesuit Chess Club, The JCC? I showed RJ (and I never got a chance to formally thank him for all his work that he does for our boys! THANKS RJ!) the analysis board here at and we are using it as an overhead projection.

But to be honest there is nothing like a real board, and fortunately we have enough to go around.

As for me? I am finding Reassess Your Chess to be more and more difficult, and am gravitating more and more to Pandolfini's 'Ultimate Guide to Chess'. I find Silman to have missed out on making the move notation much clearer, perhaps as a list. I know that true chess players can just do it in their head- but alas I am not there.

Also is there a biography of Capablanca?