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All for the want of a book

Jan 29, 2008, 6:55 AM 2
After a few suggestion concerning which book I should be looking for I once again headed back to the nearest Barns & Noble bookstore. I was more then certain that the book I had been told to purchase would be there. I seamed to remember not only seeing the title but glancing through a few of its pages. Once there I found myself once again in front of the same three book shelves crammed with books on chess. This time knowing which one I was after I felt confident that my time there would be short. After all what are the odds that some one would purchase the very same book I was now looking for, it had only been a few short days ago when it was there? Well as luck would have it, yes it was gone! In a matter a few days a book I am certain that had been on the same shelf for months had become a best seller. So as we all do now a days I went home plugged in the laptop and ordered it online. Somehow it felt good to see that at least at one store chess was the thing to do even for a short time.

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