bénoni défense


hi evry body in my préparation and in my progression in chess i try to have a good idéa in playing chess so i have some idéa that chess need some quite place and analysing some idea i see that in the net one of strong openind vs 1d4 is 1...c5 so what's yhe idea to play 1....c5 and how to continue so first of all we should know the most popular and logic 3 moves we see that 1d4 c5 .

so mémory is not the best option to play a bénoni défense intuition is most better .

for example we see the plan 

so how to do this first off all we should have 3 move 

for example 1 ....c5 2....d6 3....g6

and tring to see how our openent play