The long tactic....

Aug 24, 2016, 5:01 PM |
I've had some luck exploiting positions where there's a tactic there, but it might take a few moves to resolve itself.  If you can spot these, it could make the difference against even strong players. 
In this game, I seemingly sacrifice the Knight.  I say "seemingly" because it was not really a sacrifice at all.  It was a well thought out tactic that didn't reveal its advantages for about four moves!  I suspect White didn't know what hit him.
Check it out:

As a point of conversation... I'm sure someone will post how "easy" this was... that seems to be the thing to do here tongue.png.  But for those who don't think this is easy, you may wonder "How did you see that?".

There were a couple things I saw that I knew I could exploit if just timed right. Here's the whole game:


I welcome any feedback, if someone sees some alternatives or just wants to discuss.  I know a couple continuations that might have been better for white, but I was confident I'd end up with at least a +1 material advantage regardless of what white did.
The moral of this is that if you can train yourself to see complex tactics and predict the continuations you'll smoke a lot of players!