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Having Fun With The Colle

Jul 1, 2008, 9:05 PM 1

These are a couple of games I played while stationed in Germany at some one day tournaments held on Ramstein AFB; my first and only USCF tournaments. I had just learned the Colle System from Chernev's book Logical Chess Move by Move. In these games both White and Black avoid exchanging the center pawns and White advances to e5.
























I think this shows that the Colle is very powerful, even in the hands of someone with a rudimentary knowledge of it, against lackluster play on Black's part. If Black doesn't attack White's center and allows the pawn advance to e5 he faces a strong attack against his King. Of course, players who like wide open positions might exchange the center pawns instead of advancing to e5, allowing more scope for their pieces.

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