An Educational Chess Game

Oct 6, 2014, 8:46 PM |


This post is directed towards members of the Innisdale Secondary School chess club, as an educational tool, but any and all other members are welcome to peruse it as well if they so wish.

This is a game which I played the other day against somebody online in a tournament on It contains a number of elements relevant to things which we will learn about in chess club this year: Tactics, development, pawn structures, color complexes, good bishops vs. bad bishops, and the importance of castling (among many, many others). I encourage you to look down some of the sideline variations to more fully understand the game, though you don't need to do so to enjoy the game. :)

DISCLAIMER: I did not use a chess engine in my analysis, and it may well have errors which I did not notice given that I have a rather low rating in the grand scheme of things, and I analyzed the game at an ungodly hour of the evening. If anybody should spot a serious error, please enlighten me and I will correct my analysis as such. 

And a note to the Innisdale students: There are various punctuation marks next to some moves. 

!!= A brilliant move
!= A very good move
!?= An interesting move that may not be best, but isn't bad
?!= A dubious or questionable move.
?= A bad move.
??= A really horrible blunder.