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Game # 13: The Wooden Indian

Game # 13: The Wooden Indian

Mar 7, 2011, 7:01 AM 0

This week I've been looking into SQL Server Administration.  I have three large texts to teach this to myself.  I am thinking that learning the test is a doable goal, though teaching myself the practical application of the job looks undoable.  There is a lot more involved with this than just this one system.  Apparently I must also learn IT, Networks, SQL language, as well as actual database administration.  On the plus side, if I can buckle down I can probly pull a decent wage for the first time in my life.

Other than this, I achieved level 30/50 on Rift with my tanking Paladin along with my wife who is playing a Druid healer and my mother in law who is playing an elemetalist.  We joined a guild called "Escaped from Arazoth"  Which is supposed to be Azeroth.  The fact that it is spelled wrong really bothers me. /shrug.

I went to see The Adjustment Bureau which was fairly fun to watch, but did not hold up well to the post criticism.  Matt Damon was actually decent and I usually hate that guy.  Strangely there was only one woman in the entire film.  Even in the dance troupe that was in the movie there was only the main female lead (I don't know her name).  Also the main premise of the film laid all the responsibility of joining the star crossed lovers at the feet of Matt Damon.  This was very sexist as his character was a public figure...it would be very easy for the woman to find him and impossible the other way around.  Meh...whatever.

CHESS: In this game I experiment with the black side of the Indian defence.  I usually do not play this as it generally leads to tight cramped positions with no room to maneuver (hehe, all openings  seem to lead to this for black).  Fairly early my opponent gets too aggressive in his lust for space and missteps handing me a pawn and forcing his king to move, this leads to another pawn, and another.  Getting desperate to make something happen he sacrifices the exchange as well.  My careful defense quickly traps his queen and he scoops.


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