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Game # 11: To Infinity and Beyond!

Game # 11: To Infinity and Beyond!

Feb 19, 2011, 8:55 AM 1
Something I find fascinating about irrational numbers like Pi and Phi is that they represent an unlimited supply of creativity on demand.  Using computers humans have calculated Pi to more than 3 billion decimal places and have never found a pattern.  This means your that at any moment our computers can on demand produce a creative string of numbers based on the next unknown sequence.  This kind of observable robustness of irrationality goes a long way toward my personal belief that the universe is infinite.

This time I'm playing the black side of the Modern Defense: Queen Pawn Fianchetto.  Early I go for the double fiachetto allowing myself to be herded into very cramped quarters. Through careful play and managing a threatened mate I am able to prove a decisive advantage and my opponent resigns.

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