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Game # 20: Amaurosis Scacchistica

Game # 20: Amaurosis Scacchistica

May 29, 2011, 8:30 AM 0
 Amaurosis scacchistica is the term for Chess Blindness- where ones calculations miss the most obvious of features.  Sometimes at work I see this car that is completely full of junk.  Old fast food bags and other garbage completely stuff the entire back of the car and the passenger side is filled to windows level.  This hoarder must sit next to this pile of trash every single day.  They must be blind to it and blind to how this car appears to those who see it.  Is this similar to Chess Blindness?
IN this game I crush with positioning getting well ahead in space and development.  Just when I am about to finish up a devastating attack I leave my queen hanging.  Instead of giving up I throw the kitchen sink at him eventually gathering his queen and ending up an officer ahead.  I win!

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