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Game # 22: The Creation Paradox

Game # 22: The Creation Paradox

Aug 19, 2012, 6:38 PM 2

I have searched online for this and come up empty.  I will refer to this as "The Creation Paradox"


The Creation Paradox is: Using logic there is no way to ever determine a state of first cause.

In order for something to exist it must have a point of origination.  The universe is based on cause and effect.  Creation theories range from classical creationism from genesis to the theory of the Big Bang.  All these theories fail to explain how the universe was created because each effect must have a cause. 

Let's look at the Big Bang as an example.  The Big Bang is an effect, not a cause.  What caused the big bang? and what caused that?  and what caused that? ad infinitum.  Looking at this logically it becomes laughable to point to the big bang as the creation of the universe.  


The conclusion this leaves me with is that the universe is irrational.

Lately I have been seeing many variations of this trap in my games.  Players generally don't see it coming.

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