Game # 8 Prepare for the Technological Singularity!

Feb 16, 2011, 6:31 AM |
These days Watson is owning us at Jeopardy.  We lost the battle to Deep Blue long ago.  This blogger is of the opinion that the singularity can not be far behind.  A primer on the singularity can be found here:

The key difference from true AI so far I think is that deep blue solves chess through brute force and Watson solves known questions through his massive database.  Soon I believe we shall see a computer that can answer questions we do not yet know to ask.

This game shows a good defense against my aggressive style and leads me to be extremely cramped as white.  Strategically I am owned most of the game and have a lot of trouble developing.  At one point one of my only developed pieces is on the rim.  Toward the end I am able to cheat the unstoppable two passed pawns with cheap mating tactics.