Game#18: Thor Review

Game#18: Thor Review

May 7, 2011, 9:22 PM |

Spoilers will follow, so if you don't want them look elsewhere, chess is at the bottom. 

My overall experience of this movie was negative due to a number of factors.

I will start with the good points.  The cast was amazing and the actors performed flawlessly.  They had two academy award winners (Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins).  The art, effects and costumes were just brilliant.  The set lush, believable and interesting.  I consider it a great feat to be able to put Thor, in all his cheesy glory up on the big screen and not make him look hokey.  The direction was skilled and the pacing was good. 

The plot was full of holes though.  The villains intentions were unclear.  Was he trying to win his fathers love?  Was he trying to destroy Asgard?  Who did he want dead?  He was all over the map.  

One of the main story points was that Thor gets kicked out of Asgard by Odin. He send his hammer after him whispering, "Whosoever wields this hammer, if he be worthy, will have the powers of Thor."  Strangely this yields to an Excalibur scenario where only the worthy can lift the hammer from the stone...apparently for no reason though as it is not resolved that way.  He is sent to earth to learn compassion and humility.  He does this in less than 48 hours by sharing a ride with Jane.  There was no feeling of his learning.  He didn't suffer at all, I felt there was a missing montage and he needed some time and experience to learn his lessons.  At the end he sacrifices himself for unclear reasons and dies to appease his evil brother.  Then the hammer returns to him and he is reborn to kick everybody's ass.  I feel like Odin should have said something like, "Return to Thor when he becomes worthy."  At least something that would make sense with the story.

At one point Thor is seeking a ride to the hammer to try to reclaim it.  Jane's professor friend says to stay away from Thor, "He's Dangerous" and that is that.  These two investigator just ignore the mysterious artifact that landed 50 miles away.  Really?  With or without him it made no sense for them to ignore this phenomena.  

in fact the entire scene in which the same professor talks a bunch of bullshit to get Thor released from S.H.I.E.L.D. makes no sense at all.  He reclaim's Janes notebook for her which he has never seen before  Thor asks the proffessor why he went out ona limb to release him, He says he did it for Jane, then in the same breath he tells Thor to leave town.  What the hell? 

Last of all it was in 3D.  Does anybody out there actually like 3D?  It litteraly gives me a headache.  I feel it adds nothing to a movie, in fact, instead of immersing me in the film the glasses are an extra barrier.  It adds cost to the film both for production and for the viewer and guarentees cheesy scenes for things to fly at the screen.  All in all it really sucks.  I looked and looked for any theatre that would show this in 2D but alas there were none.  I have just about had it with this format.  Hopefully this will be the last time I have to endure it, but I doubt it.

Overall:  Cast: amazing (though woefully underused especially Portman), effects: Great, costumes: amazing, sets: amazing, Direction: Good, plot: weak, script: weak, format: bad.

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In this game  I lose a lot of tempo early but gain it back with with some exchanges leading me to having a passed pawn.  After another exchange ruins his kingside pawn structure ultimately leading to another free pawn he conceeds.