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Hearthstone: Release the Glaives!

Hearthstone: Release the Glaives!

May 21, 2015, 5:34 PM 3

I havent Posted in a while so I thought I would provide an updated decklist for anyone who may be interested.


Blizzard has nerfed the hunter several times.  The biggest nerf in the form of increasing the cost of Starving Buzzard from 2 to 5!  This effectively destroyed this card.  I no longer play it, opting to use a single Cult Master instead.


These nerfs have done little to stop the flow of the hunter.  The most common exploitation is known as Face Hunter and is early drops and haste minnions played to ignore opponents critters and send all damage recklessly to the dome.

This is not my style.  I preffer to stick to the Beast theme a little and still capitalize on the Mad Scientist trap card advantage.  The early drops combine dynamically with the Glavezooka for early clearing and card advantage.  The flood of 1/1 beast remains essentially the same with the Snake Pit and the hounds, getting minor boosts from the Dire Wolf Alphas, or being turned in for cards via the aforementioned Cult Master.


I have some one shots like the pictured Steamweedle Sniper and a lone Houndmaster.  I muligan aggressively to get Webspinners, Glaivezookas, Haunted Creepers, Mad Scientists or Animal Companions.  I use these to clear the early board, then around turn 5 switch gears and go for the throat.  Here is the list, enjoy:


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