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Hearthstone: Release the Snakes!

Hearthstone: Release the Snakes!

Mar 8, 2014, 1:58 PM 1

Added a couple of rares to the deck.  Particullarly Snake Pit, as the Snakes it creates are beasts.  It combos well with everything.  

Because this is essentially a combo deck attempting to "Go-Off" I have added Flare to effectively thin the deck to 28 cards.  It is also very strong against other hunters and mages.

I reduced Tundra Rhino to one, as the most expensive card to avoid drawing two Rhino into your hand. 

Knife Juggler has been added.  Any stratagy revolved around bringing a lot of minions into play has to play this guy.  Also combos with snake trap.

The Raptor wasn't pulling his weight so he has been removed.

Houndmaster is still doing well.


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