Game Theory #24

Feb 22, 2013, 8:02 PM |

The name of this blog is changing to Game Theory.  I play a lot of games and have opinions about all of them.  If you have read this far I am sure you have come to realize that my chess does not approach master level.  This realization  makes me identify with Samuel Reshevsky.  This is pure conceit however as Fischer fundamentally changed the game of Chess just as Reshevsky was about to ascend to the throne.  He was a prodigy that defeated masters when he was a young child, but was too old to start learning all over.   Fischer basically refutted his standby scicillian defense that had scored him countless victories.  Since that time the Siccilan has evolved, but the way it was played back in the day was suddenly and completely refuted by Fischer.

In Fischers only book My 60 Memorable Games (Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess does not count) Fischer remarked regarding a game with Reshevsky: "Against the Sicilian, I had it down to a science, castle long, pry open the h file and sac, sac mate."

In this way I feel like Reshevsky.  Not because I was a child prodigy or even close to anything resembling a chance to be the best in the world, but an old man, too set in his ways to relearn the game.  So I will stick with my flawed plans in light of the the fact that they are imperfect.  They are mine, I have tread down these paths thousands  of times, and God willing I will again for thousands more.