Game # 23:  Slip Sliding Away

Game # 23: Slip Sliding Away

Oct 27, 2012, 8:41 PM |
Sometimes I feel like I am sliding through clay.  Each snapshot of my senses constantly peeling off of me onto a tunnel I am burrowing through reality. I feel overcome by a deterministic sense of time and space.  As though the host of heaven is riding along with my spirit.  That my actions are not simply the movement of my soul alone, but rather the consensus of a grand democracy.  

This game has my opponent start with the unusual polish opening.  I ignore the obvious moves and go for control of the center.  This leads to the opportunity for a good attack with my pawn chain, netting me a piece early.  He is able to salvage the position by threatening mate though a pinned knight.  I wriggle out by saccing my extra piece eventually leading to a very sharp position.   Using a hanging queen I am able to enter the end game with an extra piece.  With a minute left I am able to complete 28 moves to finish the game.