Game # 3 The Dance of Osiris

Game # 3 The Dance of Osiris

Feb 11, 2011, 9:52 PM |
This is my Pet Opening. 1)d4, Nf6 2) d5

There is very little theory on this and it lurks in the opening books humbly as
The Indian Game, Pawn Push Variation.
A confusing name that brings to mind Indian defences.
I hereby redub you:

The Dance of Osiris

I generally do particularly well with this opening against decent rated players, presumably because they are out of book on their second move.
My Idea  is to develop my queen from the back row on move 2, and to cramp blacks development.  My goal is only to hold d5 believing that my advantage in space will be reward enough. 

The drawback of course is that it is easy to overextend.  I have had tremendous results with it.   Here is a quick example. 
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