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Game # 7: The Pusher

Game # 7: The Pusher

Feb 15, 2011, 8:51 AM 0
Welcome to game 7.  I decided that I am going to refer to 1.d4,Nf6 2.d5 as
THE PUSH.  The Dance of Osiris seems a little heavy handed and overly melodramatic.  It is still my pet opening though.  I will mostly post wins with it though I am sure to post some losses as well (there are plenty...)

Once again the purpose of this opening is to maintain a central intrusion and cramp black.  In this game, I pass up a winning continuation and eventually win on time with even material.

My games are 5 minutes +5 Seconds per move.  It is pretty much my only format as I feel that it is long enough for a strong game and fast enough that I can stay focused.  I call this format "Speed Limit" after Sammy Hagar.

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