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Dec 13, 2007, 12:38 PM 3

on friday the 23/11/07/ to 25/11/07 I went on a Look trip for partially sighted weekend trip (my sisters are partially sighted) and there was a magician and he was really good with his tricks. on saturday I went to self-defence in the marque and learnd how to defend are selfs and we had partners so one of us had to attack instead of defened then at 12.00-1.00 I went to the swimming pool and it was smaller than I expected and it was boring,in the afternoon I plaed on my nintendo ds with Quinn and we went on rub rabbits and sonic rush then there was farther christmas in the bar and he gave us presents then we had christmas dinner after that there was a disco and I won the dancing competition and I won a balloon hat so I went out. On Sunday I went and played bingo at 11.00 clock and I won a father christmas advent calendar then I went to the beach with quinn and walked across the pipes, and threw stones into the waves then I went home.  

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