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Feb 14, 2008, 10:07 AM 0
Clubpenguin is a website where you can comunicate with other people and you have a penguin that can where clothes and stuff like that and you have backgroung and your penguin can be different coulors.As well as that you get an igloo to put furnitue in, and you can buy puffles that are pets there is the coulors red,blue,green,black,yellow,pink and purple.There is games as well there is sled racing,ice fishing,find four,jetpack adventure,pizzatron3000,puffle roundup,mancala,catching waves,cart surfer,thin ice,astro barrier,bean counter and hydro hopper.There are rooms as well there is the mountain,ski village,the lounge,the lodge attick,the sport shop,the dock,the beach,the lighthouse,the beacon,the dojo,the town,the coffee shop,the book room,the dance club,the dance lounge,the boiler room,the snow forts,the ice rink,the plaza,the pet shop,the stage,the pizza parlor,the cave,the mine shack,the mine,the forest,the cove and the iceberg.And last but not last you can make buddys and go to there igloo and send them mail and you can beome a tour guide or a secret agent that you can do missions 6 of them are out now,so go on www.clubpenguin.com todaySmile 

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