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Monday 3rd Sept 2007

Monday 3rd Sept 2007

Sep 3, 2007, 12:09 PM 0


Today I went to Ferry farm park first I went on a stand with four different bridges and about four ways up and two ways down, next I went through two tubes with a little house in the middle, then I went to see some animals (not all of them).Then I went on an obstacle course after that I went on a twirly slide. Then I went on to this climing frame monkey bars first then bridge or Just a floor and last there was a twirly tube slide or a  slide or twirly slide, next I went on the tire thing where go down the line on a seat that is conected to a tire and then we had a pony ride and then we looked at the rest of the animals and then we went on the carts next we went to the picnic equpment after that we went on the trampaline then we went in the soft play area with four stoires and then we went to the gift shop then went home        

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