So... Youtube.

So... Youtube.

Jul 17, 2014, 8:30 AM |

I've been watching youtube videos since I was about 15. I remember this new thing called the 'internet' becoming popular, and I heard you could find almost anything you wanted on it. I was an avid soccer player, back in the day, and I never got to watch the professionals play (due to a lack of programming on Australian television).

So I went to everyone's favourite search engine yahoo and searched for "Raul Soccer Goals". There were several popular video sites back then, with "Google Video" being one of them, but the most popular was on The quality, layout, structure and speed of these videos (albeit partly thanks to amazing internet speeds at my High School - not that I was browsing the internet at school or anything...) astounded me, and I had to discover what else I could find on this magnificent website.

Fast forward 9 years and I've finally decided to contribute to one of, if not the most, amazing communities on the internet. I played and recorded a 5 minute blitz game, just like the amazing kingscrusher does, in an attempt to not only share what I know with beginner->intermediate chess players, but to learn myself.

I hope that by recording my thoughts throughout a game, I will be able to identify strengths and weaknesses in my game much faster than I would otherwise. I'll be able to determine where my concentration lies when analysing a position, what my plans and strategies are, and most importantly where and WHY I make mistakes.

I'm going to attempt to document my journey to becoming a better chess player (and ultimately achieve a title) through the magnificent tools over at youtube, and also here on through blogging.

My various blog posts will cover a wide range of topics such as My Recent Games, Interesting Tactics, Strategical Considerations, Mistakes and why we make them, General Chess News and other random thoughts that I have that might interest other readers.

If you think you might enjoy this type of content, please head over to my youtube channel here and come on this journey with me!

My favourite chess youtubers who inspire me:

Kingscrusher -

ChessNetwork -

TheChessClassroom -

DillsGambitLive -

Chess Mastery -

and last but hopefully not least, my new channel: