Chess Openings for big boys
Kings gambit

Chess Openings for big boys

Oct 8, 2017, 7:05 AM |

Ever wanted to master chess openings, by skimming through a book. Well this won't help, because we’ll be the ones skimming and you’ll be the ones figuring stuff out and not really learning anything. So anyway,






Lets jump back to the time where there were no vacuums, so romantic chess was a thing, vaccums sucked up all the fun chess. This opening was really over rated in the 1700’s to 1800’s, and now it’s to underated with computers. So let's go and learn some information that you don’t need.


  1. e4 e5 2. f4!


Now do you see, free pawn, for black, centre for white, counterplay for black and fun chess for everyone. Great club weapon, especially with weaker players because you can win pretty quickly. In the romantic era stuff is cool because after attack, attack in the king's gambit and someone thinks that mercury is healthy. Let’s go yay.


After f4 black has some moves worth looking over, other than 2. exf4, for example 2. d5 falkbeer counter gambit, 2.Nc6, hoping for miles defence and 2. Bc5 classical.


Either way let’s look at accepted, accepting the pawn is the best move by far


3. Nf3 is pretty much the only move because of the queen check on h4, you can play bishops gambit, but I am not going to look over that yet.

This 3. d6 move is called fisher defence, after fisher wrote a book on refuting the kings gambit "Kings Gambit refuted" or something. 

This quiet move can be refuted with an agressive 4. d4, hoping to win the pawn and grabbing the centre the only move black can play is really 4. g5, protecting the pawn, this is why i din't look at 3. g5, I personally reccomend 5. h4, as 5. bc4 will lead to a wild muzio gambit type setup which is not very good as you give up a knight for develpment and position, not worth it. 


5. h4!

5. g4 is about the best move for black, as 5. gxh4 leads to black winning both pawns back with the bishop and rook. White loses some position after retreating his knight back to its original square at g1. Here black has many choices so I will chose 3 of them, like the number of times I will play kings gambit after I finish this. The lines include 6. bh6, 6. qf6 and 6. f5. 

6. bh6 this move limits whites kingside develpment and helps a later f5, as whell as save the f pawn from bxf4. but seriously it does help f5 for example,


f5 really weakens whites centre, thats why many have played the premature 6. f5

The reason why this is so  premature is because 7. bxf4, this still is bad for whites centre, but he still wins the pawn on f4, so it's not as good as 6. bh6.

6. qf6!? this protects the pawn in a different way that is not as good because queen is out is the opening, blocks the knight in too.


Overall I don't reccomend the kings gambit in serious play, too agressive and weak, so there is some pointless information I shoveled down you're throught for no reason, so keep this in the back of you're head because I don't think it helps. 




I'm kind of hoping that vaccums will suck up computers so people will just start playing kings gambit and dumb counter gambits that lose a queen for a good attack.


I don't have spall chack so osrry fr the bads typinh. Hope this changed your life because you're aunt thought the previous statement was deep yay.