Dec 5, 2010, 5:02 AM |

~ The Swain ~
As a little child,
Mummy presents a gift.
My only son be mild,
So in life you can fit.

With you is this secret book,
So the mysteries of love be unfold.
By your eyes do not look
For all that glitters are never gold.

Pandola’s box you will unlock,
Davinci code you will read.
Before the ancient Egyptian clock,
Was your mentor Sheakspear breed.

Young in limbs, but judgement old
Weigh thy values not with even hand.
Be fully wised, as you are bold,
And titled love with a different brand.

Choose not what many men desire,
And not even as you deserve.
But by your effort do inquire,
And be ready in love to serve.

Let truth be your confessions
With rewards and its consequence
Then you shall be called….
      ~  PLM  ~