Oct 19, 2017, 11:59 AM |

Today, I am going to explain a very basic principle of chess.

Most of us are pretty aware that, in the endgame the king can be a mighty power. Many of our coaches tell this. But to think, WHY? And most of us don't USE it most of the time?

We all know that although the king is invaluable, the king is a very puny little thing on action.

However, in the endgames, the king has got very, very less of his allies. Then, if made to come out, can act as a decisive extra piece to help to win. This also proves that, if the opponents king is stopped from participating and you have your king activated, you, literally,have an extra piece!!

An excellent representation to this fact can be the famous game of King Power that Rubinstein displays as black against Cohn. You can practice the drill if you want at


Here's a part of the game that simply catches the eyeballs for the massive King rush:


So, we proved two principles today:

1. In the endgame, the king should be activated at the earliest, during the ripe time.

2. At the same time, the opponent's king should be kept from activating, as far as possible.


Now, time for a puzzle!!

See, if you can solve it for we shall see it next. GO FOR THE MATE !!