Cannes Blockbusters Dazzle Ljubljana Turtles

Cannes Blockbusters Dazzle Ljubljana Turtles

Feb 28, 2018, 3:42 PM |

The stars of the Cannes Blockbusters delivered in a big way against the Ljubljana Turtles as GMs Matthieu Cornette and Maxime Lagarde scored an amazing 7.5/8! With such an impressive score, it's no surprise the Blockbusters handily defeated the Turtles.

Perhaps the most interesting moment though was a victory by the Turtles as GM Matej Sebenik refuted a resourceful defensive try from GM Valentina Gunina.

2018 PRO Chess League | Week 8 | Cannes Blockbusters vs Ljubljana Turtles

Turtles Blockbusters Matthieu Cornette Maxime Lagarde Valentina Gunina Flavio Perez 10
Luka Lenic 1.5
Jure Skoberne 2
Matej Sebenik 2
Luka Skuhala 0.5
6 4 3.5 1 1.5

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